About Our Company

The Promoter & Managing Director of the Company, Mr. Mukund Jhawar, initially formed the Company in the year 2008 for the collection of used oil.

In the year 2010, the Promoter joined hands with the other Partners who were doing a similar undertaking since 1993. They also had a used oil recycling plant since 2001, in Fujairah Freezone, having a recycling capacity of 50 tonnes per day. The Company was formed with five expats from the same family and one local Partner.

The Company was formed with a capital of AED 1 million. The Partners of the Company decided to start a state of the art used oil and contaminated light flash oil recycling Plant in the emirate of Fujairah.

A land of 10,000 m2 was taken from the Fujairah municipality for setting up this Plant. The Plant was set up with a total investment of AED 27 million and came into production in the month of October 2012. The Company constructed a shed of 18 m X 66 m X 12 m for putting up the two plants, for used oil recycling and contaminated light oil recycling separately, with a capacity to recycle 100 tons of used oil and 70 tons of light oil respectively.

The Company also constructed a shed of 20 m X 66 m X 4.5 m for the storage of clay (which is one of the raw materials) and a workshop cum storehouse. The work shop is equipped to do all in-house maintenance work and the store maintains all spare parts for the Plant.

The Company has a G+1 storey building, for office cum lab which has an area of 360 m2. The Company has its own labor accommodation building, of G+1 storey which has an area of 480 m2. The Company has a storage tank farm with 48 steel and concrete tanks to store 3,100 metric tons of raw material and finished products. The Company has water and power connection from FEWA. 

There are different technologies for recycling used oil. Most widely accepted and environmental friendly technology is the high vacuum cum clay polishing technology. This is the technology which was adopted in this plant for used oil recycling. The Company was recycling contaminated light flash oil with distillation process.  The Company has a valid trade license which authorizes the Company for used lubricants collection works, importing & exporting, lubricants waste recycling, lubricants recycling and retail sale of inflammation materials.

Presently the company is involved in lubricants waste oil collection, recycling of used oil, selling of reclaimed base oil, furnace oil, light cuts, residue and carbonated clay.

Since there has been a lot of changes in the technology of waste oil recycling, keeping with the pace, the Company has also changed its process and now recycles its used oil with the distillation process and clay polishing in the end for the stability of the finished product. At times, the Company also sells Processed Lube Oil (PLO) directly.

To increase the capacity of the Plant to 160 tonnes and also start refining light crudes, diesel, kerosene, naphtha and other mixed hydrocarbons, the Company is making a new investment of 20 million.

To install the new plant & machinery, the Company has constructed a new shed of 20 m X 42 m X 17 m. The Company targets to start the first phase of the Plant by 24th March, 2018. 

The Company had achieved a turnover of around AED 67million in the year 2014 which came down to AED 37 million this year due to the drastic fall in the crude oil prices. Currently, the Company is running at its maximum capacity.



Our Team

Mr. Rajender Jhawar - Chairman

Mr. Mukund Jhawar - Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Ramesh Jhawar - Public Relations Officer

Mr. Amit Jhawar - Purchase Manager

Ms. Neetu Mundra - Accounts & Finance Manager

Mr. Ankit Kabra - Production Manager

Mr. Dinesh Kumar - Administration Manager



The Company has facilities to collect and recycle used oil.

The Company procures its raw material from various collection centers located in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Fujairah. These collection centers, called as collection depots, are strategically located to ensure the collection of used oil in the fastest time and at a reasonable cost.

The Company has a team of about 67 experienced and skilled staff members and laborers, who together work tirelessly to pump life into the recycling plant and the collection depots.

The Company has a transportation fleet of 18 pick-ups with a 3.5 tons pay load capacity, 4 tankers with a 50 tons pay load capacity and a tipper with a 18 tons capacity for the disposal of carbonated clay.

The Plant’s capacity is to recycle 160 tonnes of used oil per day. That is, we are converting 160 tonnes of hazardous waste into base oil on a daily basis. This is a huge task and one can imagine, as 1 litre of used oil can contaminate 100,000 liters of drinking water, therefore 160 tons of used oil can contaminate 181 million litres of water. The Company strongly recommends that the used/waste oil should not to be used for burning purposes, as this practice will pollute air by carbon emissions in the air instead of water.



Industry Certification

  • The Company is located in Thouban Industrial Area of Fujairah, UAE.
  • The Company observes stringent environment norms required by the Fujairah Municipality, to ensure no harm to other environmentally sensitive industries located nearby.
  • The Company has license to operate its Refinery from Fujairah Municipality.

Affiliated Companies

  • Vision Recycling & Reprocessing Industry LLC, Fujairah
  • Vision Used Lubricant Collection Services LLC, Dubai
  • Aafaq Bela Hudood Used Oil Lubricant Collection, Abu Dhabi
  • Kanz Al Falah Used Oil Collection LLC, Sharjah

Permissions for collection of Used Oil

  • Fujairah Municipality
  • Dubai Municipality
  • Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • Sharjah Municipality
  • Al Dhaid Municipality
  • Khalid & Hamariya Port


As a strategic vision, the Company had decided to make an additional investment of AED 20 million towards the expansion plan.

The Company is creating a facility to increase the capacity of the plant to recycle 160 tonnes of used oil per day.

The Company is also putting up column distillation facilities which will distillate light crude oil, diesel, kerosene, naphtha and mixture of hydrocarbons to produce high quality solvents used in different industries. This facility shall be able to distillate 150 tonnes per day.

For the above, the Company is constructing a new shed measuring 20m X 42m x 17m. The work for the same is under process on war footing and the plans are to start production from the new unit by the end April, 2018.